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  • Are you Insured?

  • Are your painters employees or sub-contractors?

    These are our employees and are covered under our company's general liability insurance
  • Do you start and finish on time?

    We arrive early to prep and are ready to begin at the start of the agreed upon start time. We work diligently and always finish on time.
  • Will my property be protected?

    We will tarp everything, we arrange removal of prized plants and animals, properly ventilate, and make sure that cars are out of overspray range
  • Will I hear loud music, objectionable language, or find cigarette butts or trash in or around my home?

    Absolutely not! We treat every project and home like we are in a secured government facility. That means no excessive noise, no loud music, no food or trash, no smoking or drinking, no childish behavior, and no touching or removal of customers items without prior customer approval and signature.
  • What about lead paint and dust?

    It's best to assume that any paint applied to your house before 1978 contains lead. Any sanding should be collected in a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filtered vacuum. Sanding without HEPA filtration and appropriate breathing protection is a violation of EPA guidelines and OSHA regulations.
  • What is a properly painted surface?

    A properly painted surface is a surface that is uniform in appearance, color, texture, hiding and sheen. It is also free of foreign material, lumps, skins, runs, sags, holidays, misses, or insufficient coverage. It is also a surface that is free of drips, spatters, spills or overspray caused by the Painting and Decorating Contractor's workforce.
  • What makes you better carpenters better than anyone else?

    We have a broad knowledge of residential and construction practices, procedures, our techniques, tools, and dependability, and we pay close attention to safety and client instructions, and adhere to all project requirements.
  • What are some advantages to working with Tino's Painting & Carpentry Inc. versus another company?

    We are hard-working, diligent, and thorough on all jobs. We arrive on time and finish when we say we will. We pick up after ourselves, and we protect our customers plants, pets, property, and personal belongings.
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We always arrive early to prep, start the job on-time, and finish all projects on or before the deadline.
We do not use harsh words, pick up our trash, smoke, or use chemicals that are non-project related.
We always provide warm, thorough, diligent, and friendly service for each and every client.

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